About Me

My name is George Rimakis. I graduated in May 2014 from the University of Connecticut's School Of Business. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business, majoring in Finance.

In 2013, I spent both my summer and winter breaks interning in Stamford, CT at a company called Tronox. I had the privilege of being able to work with the Risk Management and Corporate Audit team, where I gained valuable experience and learned a great deal about the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. It was a good chance to brush up on my accounting, and see the ins and outs of a multinational corporation.

At the University I took engaging and useful Finance courses relating to: Futures and Option, Risk Management, Investments and Securities, Global Financial Management, Project Valuation and many others.

I look forward to showcasing my abilities, skills, and acquired knowledge, as I begin my professional career.